Entry Level Jobs At Coinbase [Right Now] 

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Coinbase is one of the internet’s most popular and well-known digital asset exchanges. Coinbase offers a wide variety of entry-level jobs, from customer service to software development. If you are looking for an exciting and challenging career, Coinbase may be the perfect option for you. Here right away, I will show you Entry Level Jobs At Coinbase that you can apply for and start working immediately.

Working at Coinbase: How Is Work at coinbase?

Coinbase is a popular online platform that allows its users to buy, sell and store digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The company offers an easy-to-use platform with robust security features. Coinbase employs various innovative technology such as cold storage and encrypted wallets to protect user data. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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Coinbase Jobs Remote

Coinbase is one of the most well-known and popular digital exchanges hiring remote workers. This is an excellent chance for those seeking change in their career or who prefer working at home. The company is accepting applications for various job openings that include:

  • customer support
  • software engineering
  • Writer Research Associate
  • Crypto Analyst/Writer
  • Commercial Counsel
  • Staff Software Engineer
  • Sr Content Designer, Institutional
  • Investment Associate,
  • Sr Manager, Customer Experience Ops
  • Managing Editor

Coinbase Jobs Salary: How Much Does Coinbase Pay?

Entry Level Jobs At Coinbase

The estimated annual pay, which includes bonus and base at Coinbase, is $131,100 or $63/hour, and the median is $133,723, which equals $64 an hour.

At Coinbase, the highest paying job is that of a General Counsel, earning $239,474 annually. 

The lowest pay is an Administrative Assistant with $44,983 per year. The average salary at Coinbase for the Department is Legal, which is $239,474, and Sales of $152,062. The Business Development department at 11.456,86, and Customer Service at $73,640.

 The majority of the Coinbase salaries are higher than $133,723.

Forty employees of Coinbase rate their Compensation in the top 20 percent of similarly-sized businesses in Comparably (based on 116 votes). 

Entry Level Jobs At Coinbase

Coinbase provides a range of positions, from customer care to the development of applications, if you want to become an integral part of the growing workforce or want to know more about the opportunities Coinbase can offer you.

Here are a few of the positions you can look for on Coinbase:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Software Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Account Manager

   How to Get a Job at Coinbase   

Our recruitment specialists provide tips on ways to boost your chances of success.

Step 1: Submit an application

Coinbase post open positions through our Careers page as well as through LinkedIn. Our application is straightforward (name email, name or your resume LinkedIn profiles.). 

It also inquires if you’ve utilized any Coinbase products to provide us with the impression of your previous experience in the field of cryptocurrency. 

After you submit your resume, it will be evaluated to match the position you’re applying for, generally (though it’s not all the time) within 48 hours.

Step 2: Recruiter screening

Then, if everything seems to be workable, plan on paper. What’s next? The screening process for recruiters is a short, informal chat that aims to exchange information from both sides. 

It’s an opportunity to gain more information about your experience, skills, timeline, and what drives you to pursue your career and ensure that you align with our mission-driven approach. It’s also an opportunity to understand better the position and the team you’ve applied to and to ask us questions about anything you’re thinking, such as our culture, mission or benefits, and Compensation.

At Coinbase, We approach the concept of Compensation differently, and we’re very transparent about the process. Our compensation structure is competitive, and we offer a hefty reward for the best performers.

 Therefore, we’ve eliminated any negotiations regarding the amount of salary and equity. We aim to develop an equal approach to pay by eliminating the traditional hiring practice, leaving women and minorities who are underrepresented left behind. Employees in the same position and location are eligible for identical annual salaries and equity benefits. 

There are no exclusions. If you are a candidate who is successful in being successful, the process from initial contact to an offer can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. The timeframe may differ depending on the number of applications received and the availability of candidates; however, Your recruiter will keep you informed during the entire process.

Our recruiters have this to say: “Preparation for the recruiter interview can be relatively easy as compared with interviews at later stages.

 However, it’s beneficial to arrive at the interview having conducted some studies about our company and the potential position you could be assigned. It is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about our company, including our culture, mission, and strategy. Don’t underestimate the importance of this.”

Step 3: Initial Skills Evaluation

This stage will differ depending on the job you’re preparing to interview for. Some cases will present an issue with technology, while for others, it could be a discussion with your potential manager or team members. They will be focusing on your suitability for the job. It’s your first chance to create a (virtual) face-to-face impression on your team.

If you’re interested in how our interviewing methods differ at the moment, read these blogs by the Software Engineering and Product teams.

Our recruiters tell us: “Don’t use interview time to discuss what’s already obvious in your resume.

At Coinbase, we value clarity in communication, so be concise and direct. It is essential to answer at minimum one question on your reasons for being interested in crypto and Coinbase.”

Step 4: The remote “onsite.”

They’re expecting only a few candidates will be selected for the final phase for any open position. It’s more intense, and you’ll have the most chance to demonstrate skills. It’s typically comprised of 4 or 5 brief interviews. Sometimes, it’s followed by an opportunity to present a work-related trial.

The 1:1 interviews tend to be scheduled as a series of calls, with a brief break between each, mimicking the experience of an in-person interview. You’ll receive each panelist’s names and titles ahead of time and what they’ll focus on when they meet with you.

For certain positions (and the person who is recruiting you will inform you whether it’s one of those), it is necessary to complete the process of a work-based trial that is which is based on the actual work you’ll be doing in the position. It could be a presentation, a project you’ve prepared before you need it, or a live collaboration or coding test. It’s a chance to “walk the walk” and demonstrate the abilities and concepts you’d like to contribute to our everyday challenges at Coinbase.

Our recruiters recommend: “Spend time preparing for this step and make sure you ask your recruiter plenty of questions regarding how you can best prepare. It is our goal to see you do well! Find the interviewers you are considering on LinkedIn and come up with questions that could be related to their experience and work at Coinbase. 

Also, ensure you read the job description thoroughly and show up to the interview with concrete instances of your prior experience that will make you succeed in this particular role with Coinbase.”

Step 5: Make an offer.

When all applicants have completed their onsites, the hiring panel will convene within a couple of days to choose the most suitable candidate for the job.

If you’re offered a position, We want to make sure you can ask us any questions to ensure Coinbase is the best fit for you. There will be the opportunity to talk with your prospective manager and team members in lengthy conversations with the recruiter, who will walk you through our compensation benefits and pay-for-performance policy in full detail.


 Is It Hard to Get a Job at Coinbase?

It’s not difficult to find work at Coinbase, and they are constantly seeking skilled and enthusiastic people to help expand their business. If you’re interested in joining Coinbase, you can visit their website or contact them directly.

Should I Work at Coinbase?    

Being employed at Coinbase is an excellent opportunity for people interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Coinbase is rapidly growing, and the growth opportunities are numerous. If you’ve got the experience and passions required for success at Coinbase, This is the right place for you.

 How do I Get a Job in Bitcoin?  

There are many ways to get your foot in the door of the bitcoin world. Here are five websites to find jobs that pay with bitcoin to get started: 

  • Blocklancer: The best job site to earn cryptocurrency
  • Jobs4Bitcoins is the best choice for jobs with multiple cryptos
  • LaborX: The most secure spot to earn cryptocurrency
  • PompCryptoJobs: is the ideal choice for crypto jobs that are niche.
  • Bitfortip: Earn crypto for just helping others.

 How do You Get Paid by Coinbase?    

There are several methods to be paid by Coinbase. However, the most commonly used method is via direct deposit. It is also possible to get paid via PayPal, wire transfer, or ACH transfer.

 To begin, you’ll have to create an account on Coinbase and connect your credit or debit card to your bank account. After your account has been confirmed, you’ll be able to begin trading and buying cryptocurrencies. If you want to withdraw funds, you can request a withdrawal, and Coinbase will transfer the funds using the payment method.


Coinbase is a great place to start if you’re looking for entry-level jobs. They’re always hiring, and the pay is good. So if you’re looking good paying Entry Level Jobs At Coinbase, this guide should direct you .

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