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How to buy euros in the USA ( A step by step guide)

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Buying euros in the United States can be hard for some people, but you can do it after reading this article. so if you are relocating to the USA, or you are in the USA and you needed where to get euros. I’m going to show you here How to buy euros in the USA the simplest way ever.

If you want to travel to Europe from the USA, you might need to buy some Euros from your country. This article will help you do it easier.

How to buy euros in the USA

1) Go to a bank in the nation where you’re traveling.

If you have previously visited the Eurozone, you’re in luck because it’s typically not difficult to obtain euros. For instance, the majority of European banks offer highly competitive rates when selling euros to non-citizens. The majority of bank employees in major European cities will speak English, which is the best news.

You may always use them if you don’t feel comfortable uncomfortably asking for an English speaker (see below for more information).

1) European banks typically offer good exchange rates. For the service, many banks won’t impose a transaction fee (though some will).

2) Take note that bank hours in Europe may vary from those in other parts of the world. Additionally, banking holidays will vary from one nation to the next. If at all feasible, check the bank’s hours of operation online before traveling there.

2) Go to a bank in your country of origin.

The majority of the country’s largest banks also sell euros. If you want to have a little bit of European cash in your wallet when you get off the airport, this is useful. Some travel manuals highly advise doing this. However, some people prefer to purchase their Euros locally to reduce the risk associated with carrying a lot of cash.

1) Bank fees in English-speaking nations like the US can vary depending on where you go and whether you have an account or not.

It has been reported that American banks offer less advantageous dollar-to-euro conversion rates than their European equivalents.

3. Check out a postal bank.

Unbelievably, many European post offices, especially those in big cities, contain tiny “mini-banks” inside where you may exchange money from the currency of your native country for euros.

These mini-banks won’t be available at every post office, but those that do are said to offer some of the best exchange rates.

In the English-speaking world, some post offices even include small banks or exchange bureaus where you can exchange your money. This is not a guarantee, though, so if at all feasible, verify online or by phone before going.

4) Go to a worldwide airport.

Since big airports regularly welcome hundreds (and sometimes millions) of travelers from throughout the globe, they frequently have their kiosks and booths for currency exchange.

Whether you are in the Eurozone or your home country, any of these will be pleased to exchange your money for euros.

If you have other options, you might want to avoid choosing this one. Airport exchanges are practical, although other sources claim that they frequently feature some of the worst exchange rates.

Keep in mind that airports with low levels of foreign travel, such as smaller regional airports, could not have their exchanges.

5) Go to a money exchange.

Currency exchanges can be found in several popular tourist destinations and large cities in addition to banks, post offices, airports, and other financial institutions.

Depending on where you are, these can range from modest kiosks to physical locations resembling banks. Although there may be alternative currency exchanges, Travelex is the one that most Americans are most familiar with.

6) Use a website for currency exchange.

You have a long journey to Europe planned. You might be able to order Euros online if you have enough time before your travel to be able to receive mail.

It’s simple to do this; just go to a well-known currency exchange website (such as or, place your purchase by following the on-screen instructions, and supply the required payment information.

You can typically choose to have the Euros delivered to your home with this option. On orders that are over a particular amount, some websites even provide free shipping. Typically, you can pick up your order at a place where you can exchange money.

7) For phone order alternatives, check the top currency exchange websites.

The majority of services that let you order euros online also let you place phone orders. This holds for both larger local or regional exchanges as well as smaller ones, such as

Contact possibilities in the latter scenario may differ depending on the region.

8) Place an order for the euros with a bank or exchange.

You may typically order foreign money via your bank in addition to Travelex and other currency exchange websites. You might be able to place this purchase over the phone or online depending on your bank.

The fundamental steps are the same in both situations: you call the bank, place your order, and the money is delivered to your house. Before you depart for your vacation, make sure to give yourself enough time for the Euros to arrive.

If you need the money right now, you might be able to pick it up just after you place your order.

Best time to buy euros

This week has seen a 20-year low for the euro against the US dollar as several European countries have experienced severe economic setbacks.

The euro was trading as low as $1.0165 last week in Europe, which was a blatant indication that the currency’s prospects were not good. On Thursday, the price increased somewhat, rising just beyond the $1.02 barrier, but the continental currency is still severely weak.

Even if consumers are experiencing difficulties as a result of record-high inflation, experts have expressed concern about the possibility of a recession in Europe. What caused the downturn, and is it a good time to purchase euros at this time?

Is it time to purchase euros right now?

The weakening of the euro against the dollar will result in a more favorable exchange rate for anyone organizing a summer vacation to Europe. Travelers this summer will save a lot of money compared to last year when the price of the euro was just around $1.20.

Whether or not the euro will continue to decline in value is a concern for some people who have trip plans in the more distant future. Despite the possibility of additional economic hardship, several experts believe that Europe will eventually recoup some of its USD worth.

The US Federal Reserve said last month that it has imposed a significant hike in interest rates to cool the overheated economy and reduce inflation. This method should moderate price increases, but it will also have an impact on the rest of the economy.

It is likely to decrease US GDP and result in a global dollar devaluation. Although it is unclear when this will happen, President Biden has stated that lowering inflation is one of his top domestic priorities.

Where to buy euros for travel in the USA.

While using your debit card at an ATM in Europe is the cheapest way to receive euros in cash, there are other ways to get euros in the US before your trip.

Service for money transfers.

Customers can choose to have their cash picked up or delivered by some money transfer services. They will charge a commission fee and an exchange rate margin for the transfer.

However, because they are experts in this field, their fees will typically be higher than those charged by banks, credit unions, or airport kiosks.

Although we advise using digital services with mobile wallets, such as Wise, conventional money transfer services provide a physical substitute. MoneyGram is a well-liked and affordable choice for converting USD to EUR.

2. Financial Institutions

Contrary to popular belief, banks and credit unions no longer provide reliable money transfer services. Innovative methods for digitally and affordably obtaining foreign currency are being offered by new businesses.

Where to buy euros near me

How to buy euros in the USA

For last-minute exchanges, before you leave on your trip, bureaux de change are available in American airports. They impose significant commission costs and exorbitant exchange rate margins. They must be kept away at all costs.

Airport The answer is that you can purchase currency there. But that does not imply that you must. It’s practical, but it’s also incredibly pricey. At the airport, you’ll get less EUR for your USD.

The majority of airport exchange bureaus accept both cash and credit cards. Payment Tips It costs far less to order it online and pick it up at the airport than to purchase euros locally. If you don’t have enough time before your trip, it could be best to purchase your euros once you are in Europe or to use your credit or debit cards.


Can you buy euros in US banks?

Major institutions like Wells Fargo and Bank of America accept dollars for purchases of euros.

You must already have a bank account and be able to readily order euros online.

What is the cheapest way to buy euros?

Your bank or credit union will nearly always be the best (and least expensive) place to exchange currencies, notwithstanding the possibility of a minor fee. You might be able to place a currency order at a branch, over the phone, online, for delivery to your home, or pick up at a branch.

How to order euros in the USA

Additionally, you can buy euros online from retailers like the International Currency Express (, Travelex, and AAA (

with this information provided above on How to buy euros in the USA, I believe you wont be finding it hard to get dollars for your self again.

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