How To Trade On kuCoin ( An Easy Step-By-Step Guide)

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kuCoin is a new digital asset exchange that allows users to trade various cryptocurrencies and tokens. This guide will teach you how to trade on Kucoin, from creating an account to trading. so make sure you follow up to Know How.

 KuCoin Exchange Review: About kuCoin

How To Trade On kuCoin

KuCoin is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and is an easy and secure platform that millions of people worldwide use. It’s an easy-to-use trading platform that works with digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple (XRP), and many more. Additionally, KuCoin is well-known for its prominent IEO platform, the cryptocurrency launch platform. 

It also offers to lend to cryptocurrencies, a distinct characteristic of KuCoin. KuCoin exchange. Additionally, KuCoin users can access numerous features on the exchange, such as buying crypto using a debit or credit card, earning rewards for staking and swapping crypto for free, and much more.

The use of crypto lending allows users to lend crypto tokens to borrowers to earn interest. After the initial cryptocurrency token was created, various cryptocurrencies jumped into the mainstream. 

They are the reason for the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency market, making them ideal for speculation. Initially, the forex exchanges based on fiat currencies did not allow cryptocurrency trading. This is why cryptocurrency exchanges became a reality, allowing crypto traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency tokens. KuCoin exchange is ideal for experienced traders as well as novice traders.

  How To Trade Futures On KuCoin 

This guide will teach you how to trade futures on KuCoin.

Enable Futures Trading

Step 1: Download & Install KuCoin App

Step 2: Register & Log in to KuCoin Account

Step 3: Enable Futures Trading

Choose “Futures” in the navigation bar of the KuCoin application and then click ” Enable Futures Trading. “

Account Assets You can access cryptocurrency in three ways on KuCoin App:) Transfer or a) Purchase Cryptos, and c) Transfer.

a. Transfer

When you’ve got BTC or USDT stored in the KuCoin Main Account, you can transfer USDT or BTC to it. KuCoin main account, you can transfer a small amount or all of BTC or USDT into the account in your Futures accounts.

Select ” Transfer ” as in the below image, and then choose BTC or USDT.

Select the direction of transfer to transfer funds from Main Account to Futures Account and enter the amount to transfer. Hit “Confirm” to complete the transfer.

b. Purchase 

you don’t own cryptocurrencies in your KuCoin account, and you can purchase cryptos through “Home” – “Buy with Fiat.”. Purchase Coins using Credit or Debit Cards?

c. Deposit

If you own digital assets on different exchanges, you can deposit a certain amount of money from those platforms into the KuCoin Futures Account.

Trading FuturesThree steps are required for Futures trading. The three steps include: Three steps are involved in Futures trading:) Place an order, then) Verify Positions, and finally, c) close positions.

a. Place an Order

There are currently three types of orders available by KuCoin Futures: i) Limit order and the second) Market order and the third) Stop order III) hidden.

A limit order is to make use of the specified Price to buy and sell the item. Market orders are an offer to purchase and sell the item for the lowest price on the market. Stop orders can be described as a stop-limit orders or stop-market orders. 

Stop orders will be activated when the market is at an agreed-upon stop price.

Click the button below to choose the type of order you want to place:

Suppose you’ve verified the type of the order. In that case, you can choose the leverage you intend to utilize and then enter the order quantity (or select the percentages you want to use under” quantity input”) you’re planning to trade at the locations as shown below. Verify the order’s details and click”Buy or long” and “Sell / Short” to complete your purchase.

KuCoin App supports the switch of the quantity unit for orders from “Lot” and “BTC”. Following the switch, it will change the way the unit is displayed on the trader’s interface is also going to change.

b. Check Positions 

When your order has been successfully executed, You can verify the details of your position, including the ticker symbol for the futures market, the order amount, the leverage level not realized as well as the rate of profit for your positions in “Positions” as shown below.

Stop Loss and Take Profit (Recommend) If you’ve activated the stop loss settings, it will automatically end your positions at the Price you specify to avoid losses of funds caused by price fluctuation that is not in compliance with.

c. Close Positions

If you’d like to close your positions, you can close them using “Limit Order” or “Market Order” by pressing the buttons that correspond to them.

You can also make counterparty orders to cut or even close positions.

Check Futures Portfolio

Hit the button at the upper right corner of the Futures trading interface and take you to the Futures market page.

Here, you can examine the Futures portfolio, including the latest market developments, recent trades, and the orders for the most recent Futures you own.

Check Orders

You can select “My Orders” in the lower left corner of the Futures trading page and review your order history.


KYC customers who reside in restricted countries and regions are not able to be able to open Futures Trading;

Users who have IP addresses from countries and regions are not able to open Futures Trading;

 How to Margin Trade on KuCoin US     

Log into KuCoin App. Click on the “Trade” button, and click “Margin” to enter the margin trading section; then select”Enable Margin Trading” in the lower right corner “Enable Margin Trading” button in the lower right-hand corner to enable margin trading.

Note: KYC users from restricted countries and regions are not permitted to use margin trading.

IP addresses of customers in restricted regions and countries cannot participate in margin trading.

How do I Make the Transfer of the Principle (margin) to the Margin Account?

KuCoin now supports transfers between different accounts. Click on the “Transfer” button on the Margin Trade interface, or select the “Transfer” button on the Assets (Asset Overview/Accounts) interface to transfer funds from other accounts to a Margin account. Consider your trading account as an instance to show you how to:

1. Hit on the “transfer” button;

2. Enter the amount and token and select “Confirm” to transfer the tokens from the other accounts to the margin account.

2.1 Click the box to select your email account ;

2.2 Choose the token you wish to transfer to your margin account in the drop-down menu (only tokens that can be used in margin trading are transferable);

2.3 Select the value that you wish to deposit into the account of your margin

How To Trade On kuCoin Step by Step guide

1.  How to Buy Crypto on KuCoin 

The next sections will guide you on how to buy cryptocurrency with KuCoin.

Sign Up for KuCoin Account

Before anything else, you should be able to establish a first created KuCoin account. This is done by going to the website of KuCoin and following the steps listed below.

On KuCoin’s website, Find the button to sign up now and click it.

  • Select whether you wish to sign up either by email or telephone.
  • To select the Phone option, you’ll need to enter your telephone number. KuCoin will then send you a code. Input the code into the field, and then enter your password.
  • If you choose the Email option, you’ll need to follow the same procedure, but you’ll receive the code by email.
  • Review the box for Terms of Use and then click the green sign-up button.
  • Fill in the CAPTCHA and then click Next.
  • When everything looks in order, KuCoin will tell you to verify your email for a confirmation email.
  • Log into your email. If you don’t see it in your email inbox, wait for a few minutes or look in the Spam folder.
  • Once you have found the email, you can open it and click on the confirmation button.

You will be taken right back to your login screen. Log in with your credentials and then open your private KuCoin account.

Secure Your KuCoin Account

KuCoin utilizes 2-factor authentication (abbreviated by the abbreviation 2FA) to protect your account on KuCoin.

2FA is a multi-factor authentication that provides the user with an extra layer of protection to your account. To activate it, you have to provide at least one additional element of information in addition to your login credentials which is why it’s called “two-factor .”

2FA isn’t enabled by default on the KuCoin platform as a default feature, but it’s an essential requirement for anyone who wants to move forward with your account to be created.

Follow the steps following to activate two-factor authentication on the account you have with KuCoin Account.

When you first sign in to an account on your website, you’ll be greeted with an alert box that displays reminders to activate your 2FA settings. Click on Accounts, then select “Bind Two-Step Verification .”

Follow the on-screen directions to ensure your backup key, and then proceed to the next step.

Install Google Authenticator Google Authenticator app on your smartphone.

Scan the barcode displayed on the screen and enter the verification number. Click “Submit .”

KuCoin will notify you not to unbind the 2FA on the mobile’s Google Authenticator to protect the security of your KuCoin Account.

Congratulations! You’ve now protected your KuCoin account with 2FA. You can add security questions to your account for further security.

Verify Your Identity

The Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are designed to improve your account’s security by connecting your data to the account. Although you can technically use KuCoin, even without proving your identity, there is a limit on withdrawals imposed until you go through confirmation.

This is why, if you wish to use KuCoin fully, You’ll need to go through the KYC. To complete the KYC, you must follow these steps.

After you have set up your 2FA as well as your security questions, it is necessary to confirm your email address before you can do that. 

  • Log into your email address and search for KuCoin’s message. Click Confirm or click the link.
  • This should take you back to a KuCoin page confirming your account’s authenticity.
  • Then, select the type of account you currently have and click”Continue” on the blue button.
  • The following window will show the requirements to conduct the KYC verification. To continue, click Continue.
  • Input all of the necessary details. You must also provide a photocopy of your ID that is valid.
  • To determine if you’ve completed everything correctly, log into Account Security and ensure each step is marked Completed.
  • KuCoin will look over your data. You should be notified within a few hours if everything is fine.
  • To view your verification status, visit Overview—the status of your account changes to Verified after you are approved.
  • Connect Your Account to Funds Fund Your Account

After your account has been verified, you can begin your journey to trading. Your first task is to find out how to fund your account.

In the Platform, click on the”Assets” button.

  • Choose the asset you want to deposit or enter it into your search box.
  • Select the button to deposit right next to the asset you wish to deposit.
  • On the next screen in the next field, enter your wallet address. You could also scan the barcode using the QR scanner.
  • KuCoin will give you an overview of what you must follow before signing your deposit. Be sure to verify your wallet’s address before you confirm it.
  • Complete your transaction.
  • If you wish to review your transactions, they are available on the Deposit History tab.

Start Trading on KuCoin

You can begin making trades and earn cash at the moment when your account is credited with the money you have moved, and this shouldn’t be too time.

After your account has been placed in your account, go to your Markets section.

Select the asset you want to trade from the list, then click the Trade button next to it.

To purchase, fill in the field for Buy with the desired quantity, and click Buy. The exact process applies to selling.

You can check all your current orders by using your Open Orders button or your history by clicking the Trade History option. 

2. How to sell crypto on KuCoin   

Steps to sell cryptocurrency on KuCoin

1. Visit the KuCoin website and sign in.

2. Click to open the “Markets” tab.

3. Choose the right market. For instance, select”BTC” under the “BTC” market tab if you want to receive BTC as a cryptocurrency. In this instance, I’ll use”BTC” as the currency “BTC”.

4. Look up the cryptocurrency you wish to sell, and click on the trading pairing. In this instance, I’ll be selling RPX, so I choose”RPX/BTC” as my “RPX/BTC” pair. The screenshot below shows the trading screen, which will appear after you click on the”Pair.

5. In the lower right-hand corner, you will see the “Sell RPX” box. Input the fields for Price and amount, then hit “Sell.” In this instance, I’m offering to purchase 17 RPX at the cost of 0.00002BTC each and a total cost of 0.00034 BTC.

Price — The amount of BTC you wish to receive per RPX. KuCoin will present the lowest price, so you can click on that to have it auto-fill the field.

Amount — The number of RPX that you wish to sell. KuCoin will highlight the maximum you can sell, and clicking it will populate it automatically.

Ratio -This is an optional field that is not required. You can choose a percentage from the maximum you can sell. For instance, suppose that the maximum RPX you can sell is 100, and you reduce it to halfway (50 per cent). Then, you would fill in the “Amount” field with the 50 “Amount” field 50 since that’s half the maximum amount you can sell.

Volume The total amount you’ll get is determined by the Price and the amount entered (Price * Amount).

Fee -It is the trade fee. The more KuCoin you own, the more discount you will receive on fees.

6. If the Price you select depends on your choice, it might be prompted to give an alert like this. Make sure it is the Price you’re looking for and click “Confirm.”

7. Your order will now be in your “Active Orders” tab and remain there until filled. It will be moved into the “Dealt Orders” tab when filled. A “Cancel” button cancels the order if you’ve made a mistake or wouldn’t like to purchase. This is how you can sell cryptocurrencies on KuCoin!

     How to Swap Coins on KuCoin     

1. Log in to your kuCoin account, then visit your Markets page.

2. Locate the currency pair you wish to trade within the market options list and click it.

3. On the market page on the market page, you can see the latest prices for the currencies that make up the pair, as well as the option to purchase or sell.

4. To exchange coins, enter the amount of the one currency you wish to trade to the other, and then select “Buy” or “Sell. “

5. Your order will be processed at the current market rate, and you will receive the new currency on the balance of your kuCoin credit balance.


How do I sell and withdraw on kuCoin?

To sell or withdraw kuCoin, you’ll need to deposit to your account. To do this, you’ll be required to create a new wallet if you don’t currently have one. Once you’ve established a wallet, you can deposit funds into it using the preferred payment method. After transferring your funds, you can convert them into the currency you want through the kuCoin exchange.

After you’ve changed money, you may then transfer it to your account using the same method as you made a deposit. It is as easy as choosing the “Withdraw “Withdraw” option from the KuCoin interface and inputting your wallet address. The withdrawal will be processed and appear in your account within a few minutes.

 How Much Does KuCoin Charge to Buy and Sell?

 KuCoin offers relatively low trading fees. Users can expect to pay between 0.0125% and 0.10% per trade. 

 How do You Trade on KuCoin For Beginners?     

Suppose you’re new to KuCoin and are thinking about how you can trade through the platform. Here’s a short guide to help you get started.

The first step is to register an account on kuCoin. Once you’re signed in, you’ll be able to deposit funds into your account with any of the supported currencies.

If you’ve got some money within your accounts, you can start exploring the markets on kuCoin. To start, you need to click the “Markets” tab at the top of the page, and you’ll be able to see all the various currencies offered for trading on kuCoin.

To trade, you must select the currency pair you want to trade and type in the information for your order. You may choose to make an order for limit or market order. Limit orders allow you to decide the Price that will be paid for or sold to a currency pair while a market order executes your transaction at the current market rate.

When your order has been placed, the order will appear on the “Open Orders” section of your account. You can modify or cancel your order from this page anytime.


Kucoin is an excellent platform for trading cryptocurrencies. It offers a wide range of coins and has an active community, making it a great place to start trading. I’m sure after going through this guide. you won’t have any issues again pertaining to How To Trade On kuCoin. Have questions? drop em for comment.

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