Ridge wallet Review 2022: Is Ridge wallet safe to use?

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If you’re looking for a slim and stylish option for carrying your cash and cards, the Ridge Wallet is a great option. Made from high-quality materials, this wallet is both stylish and durable. Plus, it has plenty of compartments to organize everything inside. If you’re in the market for a new wallet, the Ridge Wallet review is definitely worth considering.

About Ridge wallet (Ridge wallet review 2022)

Ridge wallets are simple, minimalistic, and sturdy cardholders. These wallets have clips and straps to hold your bills in place. These wallets can be carried in your pocket, handbags, or even your hands. You won’t feel uncomfortable sitting down because they don’t create a bulge at the back of your pocket.

These wallets look sophisticated and are easy to use. It is easy to use, manage, and carry. We’ll continue to discuss them in more detail.

Construction and Build:

The rugged Build of the Ridge wallet has innovative construction. Two plates are attached to one another by an elastic band. The plates are made of metal and plastic. The plates are joined by screws.

The elastic keeps the plates close together. The wallet can hold up to 12 cards between the plates. You can push the cards out using the curved edges at one end of each plate. Later, you can push them back in.

You can also keep cash bills in these wallets with two options. These wallets can be purchased with either a cash strap, cash clip, or a separate cash clip. The cash strip is an extended elastic that attaches to the back of your wallet and allows you to keep bills folded. You can attach the clip to the opposite side of your wallet, or keep the bills folded at its back.


Ridge wallets consist of two metal plates that are inner lined or screwed together with two plastic plates. Elastic rubber is used to secure them together. To protect cards from scratches, the plastic plates are placed inside. These wallets come in a variety of metal options and in different colors.

These wallets are available in carbon fiber plates and forged carbon plates. These wallets come in a variety of colors, including burnt versions. Aluminum black, aluminum gunmetal, and titanium in burnt style are all available.


Ridge wallets are RFID-compatible and can block radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocks. The aluminum and other metal plates that are placed inside the cardholder create this blockage. This blocks radio readers from reading information from RFID-enabled cards or cards with RFID tags. This wallet protects your card information from accidental transactions and hackers.

The benefits:

  • Minimalistic, upscale cardholder
  • Security with RFID Blockage
  • Strong and tough
  • Easy to use

The downsides:

  • Clumsy card extraction
  • It is not practical to keep more than eight cards
  • Elastic can be worn out by the use

      How to use ridge wallet      

The Ridge is not a traditional wallet. It’s a cardholder. The Ridge can hold up to 15 cards, loyalty cards, and insurance cards. It has a simple, minimalist design that will fit into any pocket.

It is a sandwich made from two carbon or metal plates, which are joined by elastic bands on three sides. The wallet is loaded by separating the plates with your thumbs, and then inserting the cards.

Once you are ready to access your cards insert your thumb or finger into the thumb slot. Push them out. You can then access the cards in three different ways.

  • Method 1: Hold one hand up and spread the cards out so that you can see all of them.
  • Method 2: Push the opposite side of your wallet. You will need to leave a little space between each card in order to see which one is which.
  • Method 3: Take all the cards out at once, select the card that you wish, and then insert them again.

Ridge wallet alternative

This post will tell you about 5 metal wallet options for the Ridge wallet.

There are many Ridge clones, copies, and imitators that closely match the original Ridge wallet. Other designers have also used the Ridge as inspiration and created new designs.

One of these wallets is sure to be the one that strikes you and fits into your budget. Let’s get to work and let’s take a look.

These wallets are metal alternatives to the Ridge and I highly recommend them.

  • BEST OF ALL: Aviator Slide Wallet
  • COOLEST DESIGN: Dango D01 Dapper wallet
  • BEST TACTICAL: Ranger minimalist wallet
  • BEST POP-UP EJECTOR: Secrid aluminum card protector

BEST OF ALL: Aviator Slide Wallet

If you are looking for the best wallet to use to store your cash or card kindly go through this ridge wallet review 2022 guide

One of the coolest features of the Aviator is a slide tray that can hold coins. Photo: Kim Stone

The Aviator Slide minimalist cardholder is the wallet Ridge’s developers wished they had created. The Ridge’s “sandwich” design, which consists of three plates that are secured by elastic on all sides, is shared with the Aviator Slide. The Aviator, however, has added a slide-out coin tray to the design and a pull tab that allows access to up 20 cards.

There are many options. A coin tray can be ordered that can hold up to two layers of coins. You can also have the tray made from aluminum or carbon fibre. The frame can be made from acrylic glass or obsidian-black aluminum, as shown in the photo.

The Aviator is compact and minimalist in design and reflects the clean lines of German engineering. The wallet is not outsourced. It was made in Germany and may take up to two weeks to reach your home in the USA.

COOLEST DESIGN: Dango D01 Dapper wallet

The Dango D01 Dapper Wallet is designed with leather and differs from the Ridge design. The wallet’s chassis is made of 6061 aluminum aerospace aluminum. They attached top-grain leather to one side of the aluminum frame using mil-spec bolts.

You can choose from 7 different leather colors. The wallet has a soft and elegant feel, which is unlike most wallets made of metal.

Kim gives a quick review of the Dango D01 Dapper.

The Dango can hold up to 12 cards, either in the RFID-protected aluminum chassis (or the unprotected pocket created by the leather on the one side). For carrying greenbacks, a silicone band wraps around the wallet.

Although metal wallets can be cold in cold weather, the extra leather on one side helps to warm it up. This wallet is loved by most owners.


This wallet looks almost identical to the Ridge but costs a third as much.

The Rossm Forged Carbon minimalist wallet, is another amazing take on the Ridge wallet. RossM has created a high-quality carbon fibre cardholder wallet for only a third of the cost of the Ridge. It is made of forged carbon fibre which is the same high-strength material used by Lamborghini.

This wallet is actually a metal one, as the forged carbon contains thin aluminum plates. These plates not only provide RFID protection for your cards but also add strength to the wallet. Rossm also bevels the sides of the wallet that you use to insert cards, just like the Ridge. It’s super simple to slip a card back into the wallet after you’ve used it.

It can hold 12 cards but it is not minimalist enough. It is easiest to manage with 6-7 cards. It’s a minimalist wallet. You can leave all your extra cards at home.

BEST TACTICAL: Ranger minimalist wallet

A clever wallet that can double as a cardholder or bottle opener.

The Ranger minimalist wallet follows a different route than the Ridge wallet. The Ranger minimalist wallet uses Teflon powder-coated steel instead of aluminium or titanium plates. Rugged Material is the company’s name, so it’s not surprising that they offer an unlimited lifetime guarantee on their metal wallet.

The 1.5-inch wide band is heavy duty and can hold up to 8 cards between plates. This same band can be used as a cash strap to hold a $20 bill in an emergency or a receipt for luggage at the airport.

This wallet’s unique feature is its dual function of double-duty as a tool. The one plate comes with 9 sizes of wrenches. One plate has a bottle opener integrated. To extract your cards, push them up through the bottle opener’s top. It’s genius, I think.

The Ridge wallet and most other metal wallets are made in China, including the Ridge. However, the Ranger minimalist wallet is made in Cedar City in Utah USA.

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BEST POP-UP EJECTOR: Secrid aluminium card protector

Secrid created a quick access system to credit cards.

Secrid is a name you may recognize as one of the first “pop-up style” wallets that can eject credit cards with a flick of a lever. This wallet’s heart is an aluminum cardholder made of rigid aluminum that can hold 6 cards. A similar mechanism is used in most pop-up wallets, such as Ekster or Fidelio. It comes with leather trimmings.

Secrid is the only company that sells its aluminum cardholder completely naked. The Secrid aluminum card protector measures slightly more than the Ridge wallet due to its ejection mechanism. You get a quick access system that instantly pops your cards into a perfectly staggered fan.


Why are ridge wallet good?

Although the Ridge Wallet is small, it has a lot of unique features that make it stand apart from other smart wallets. RFID blocking: The wallet can block wireless access by chip-enabled debit cards and credit cards.

Is ridge wallet made in china?

Ridge wallets are designed in the USA and are made in China.

Do ridge wallets block RFID?

Yes, The protective out shell of Ridge Wallets works by blocking the electromagnetic field surrounding RFID documents such as Credit Cards, Debit cards, passports, etc., to reduce the range that RFID skimmers can read to steal your information. This way, it protects your confidential banking or other personal information.

Does ridge wallet Holds money?

People who are looking for a wallet that can hold a lot of money may be interested in purchasing a ridge wallet. This type of wallet is made from leather and has ridges on the sides, which makes it easier to grab and hold onto your cash.


The Ridge wallet is a well-made, attractive option for those who want a slim wallet with room to carry plenty of cash and cards. The ridge design provides an extra layer of security, and the wallet is available in several colors and materials to fit any personality or style. If you’re looking for a slim, stylish option that will keep your money safe. Ridge wallet is a great choice.

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